Our partnerships

We put experience and vision at the service of those who want to share an eye-opening idea of catering and hospitality with us.

Creating an unforgettable experience that enlightens our guests. This is the mission that guides us and that we share with each partner, for spreading an idea of catering and hospitality that puts the quality of the experience at the heart of everything, in the belief that strong ties and lasting relationships are the key to making an impact.

We are proud to partner with

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Fradis Minoris – Sardinia

Description: Overlooking the breathtaking panorama of the Nora Lagoon, in the heart of southern Sardinia, the Fradis Minoris restaurant is a jewel in the catering sector. Here the menu is created day after day on the return of Mario, the fisherman who supplies the kitchen of Fradis Minoris with the best local fish products, all caught using traditional methods, with no impact on the environment. We have embarked on a partnership with this small establishment which touches on all aspects of restaurant management: from menus to marketing strategy, from dining room to choice of wines and communication, in close collaboration with owner Daniela Fadda and Resident Chef Francesco Stara.

We are very pleased to announce that the Michelin Guide has awarded us a Michelin star and a Green star for Sustainability for 2022.

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