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Live the Esemdemì experience

In our restaurants, we take care of all the details to offer you an experience capable of bringing a highlight to your life, every time.

There is a common thread linking all the Esemdemì brand restaurants. It is our desire to ensure that those who choose our restaurants experience an unforgettable moment of authentic pleasure.
To achieve this, we take great care in creating satisfying gastronomic experiences. Experiences gratify the soul with quality ingredients, skilfully prepared and served with personal warmth.

This is the basis on which we design each of our restaurants. Then, each of them grows in their own way, thanks to our attention applied to every detail: from the containers to their contents, including furnishings and the decor.

This is how we created places with a strong and recognisable identity, capable of offering our guests an experience of hospitality and gastronomic excellence that has remained at the highest level over time and renews itself every time in the pleasure of discovery.

Are you ready to enjoy the Esemdemì experience?

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¡Toma! – Tapas Bar di via Bottai

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